A10 Wide Wobbling Crankbait Intel

Learn more about the A10 Wide Wobbling Crankbait and why you should be throwing it.

Featured Model

Featured Model

A10 Wide Wobbling Crankbait

Wide Wobbling Medium Diving crankbait that excels in cooler water. Available in a wide variety of colors, from Shad to Crawfish imitations. This is well suited to rocky lakes such as those in the Ozarks, but we’ve had success stories from many parts of the country using the A10. This is one of the best craw imitating crankbaits you’ll find anywhere. Click here to view all of our custom painted A10 Wide Wobbling Crankaits.


Northern Fall Smallmouth – By Steve Basinger

Northern Fall Smallmouth By Steve Basinger   You can read magazine articles until the world runs out of paper and watch videos about chasing smallmouth bass during the fall until you’ve reached the end of the internet and all of those articles and videos will...
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Fishing the A10 Crankbait with Greg Bohannan and Chris Turner

FLW Pro Greg Bohannan and Skirmish Baits owner Chris Turner fishing the A10 Wide Wobbling Crankbait on Arkansas' Beaver Lake... https://youtu.be/KACIbA6MOHI You can find the Skirmish Baits A10 Crankbaits by clicking here...
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Justin Blackmore talks about the Skirmish Baits A10 Crankbait

Justin Blackmore talking about the Skirmish Baits A10 crankbait, it's not just for spring.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IacOdL_tC8g&feature=youtu.be
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