M9 Squarebills and NEW MP7-RT On site now!

Rattling and One Knocker M9s were just added to the site, and the NEW MP7-RT a new smaller squarebill

Dwain catches a giant Arkansas bass on video

Dwain catches his best Kayak bass to date throwing a Skirmish Baits M9-OK squarebill in the goldilocks color. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ym3uV8CjC9A You can get the Skirmish Baits M9-OK in Goldilocks here   ...
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Some Skirmish Baits M9 action caught on tape

Dwain shows us the potential of the Skirmish Baits M9 squarebill with some great catches on film. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZ-Li91RyGM The M9s come in Silent, Rattling, and One Knocker verisons and you can find them by clicking here. At the time of this post...
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Why you can’t catch fish on a square bill crank bait.

I often talk to people who don't fish square bill crank baits very often, who say they can't get bit on them, or they just don't know how or when to use them. The easy answer is just keep it in the water, and you'll eventually get bit on it, but they don't seem like...
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When to change up – with Skirmish Baits Pro Staff Member Sam Sagaser

Skirmish Baits Pro Staffer Sam Sagaser talks about when to change up.... https://youtu.be/6FReUcnXYdk Silent M9 Squarebills  Silent "Crystal" M9 Squarebill Rattling "Crystal" M9 Squarebill Sam's Youtube...
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Our Painter Dwain has been showing out with the M9 Squarebill this week

The Skirmish Baits M9 Squarebill Crankbait is a staple bait for Dwain, and he likes to put it through the paces. Especially when he develops a new color. Recently he fished a few small lakes in Arkansas mostly to test some of the new colors further, and here are the...
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