Fishing for me is more than a cold beer and a bobber, it’s my life.
My thoughts are consumed daily by the passion I hold for this sport. Most people don’t quite understand why we as angler feel so passionate about…
Well it’s more than that. It’s our “get away” the place where nothing else matters, the place we go to do our absolute best. No corners are cut and we do it the right way. We often think about 3pm. We wonder if our weight will win. As a tournament angler we don’t spend Friday nights at the bar. We sit on deck and tie up 15 rods and think about the day ahead. We wonder if the pattern from the day before will be the same today. We wonder if the 9 gallons of water we drank will keep us hydrated while we stand in 90+ degrees for the chance at that trophy and a check. We wonder if the time spent on the water is worth the weekend away from home. We wonder if our family’s view is the same as ours, a most of all we wonder how our significant other copes with “our dream” as she takes care of our children day in and day out. Then again on the weekend while we… enjoy countless sunrises and a nice tan. We stroll in at 5pm exhausted from the heat complaining over the lack of a few pounds. And she’s exhausted from whiney kids all day. We wonder will it all be worth it in the end. And I’m sure the answer will be the same for all of us. It takes a solid family to be able to fish so freely and those of us that have that blessing do not by any means take that for granted. Not what so ever. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You are only as good as your wife will let you be (lol)
ya see, this industry has a lot of critics, people who simply don’t understand what it takes to actually play the game. Its more than good luck, it takes skill. The endurance to stand through complete exhaustion and dehydration. The proper equipment is very expensive. Our boat, rods, tackle, electronics, gas, entry fees this all adds up very quickly. For some people that amount would make you sick. The ability to understand why the “fish” are where they are does not come easy. Endless hours of research, lake mapping and time on the water will teach you that. You can watch all the YouTube, and wired2fish videos all you want it, takes time and time is expensive. It takes patience, focus and good will to get the job done.
So when you say…..ohhh he’s fishing again, remember what I just taught you


 Bert Jr Singerhoff