Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take for my order to ship?

Answer: Baits usually ship the next business day after you place your order. Exceptions are clothing and pre-orders. Clothing ships directly from the supplier once per month and the ship date is shown on their page where you are taken when you click to order. Pre-order baits are rare, but when we do pre-sell something we clearly mark it as such in the description and title of the item. Our main business is custom painted baits, in stock, ready to ship, and we strive to have the largest selection of anyone out there.

Q: Are the baits really custom painted?

Answer: Yes, every bait is custom painted by Dwain Batey formerly the owner of Bait Werks Custom Lure Painting who now only paints for Skirmish Baits. Each bait is painted with the finest quality automotive and taxidermy paints that money can buy. Our proprietary clear coat is second to none and ensures your bait is not only beautiful but also very durable as well. Skirmish Baits owner Chris and Dwain rigorously test every aspect of these baits and they only sell what they themselves personally throw.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

Answer: Our site is set up to automatically ship to the US and Canada. If you wish to order from another country please contact us and we will arrange shipping. All international customers must pay the actual shipping charges for their order.


Q: I live in Canada do I qualify for free shipping?

Answer: Yes, but free shipping for Canada starts at orders of $200.00 USD or more.

Q: Why do I have to pay extra for hooks on your baits?

Answer: We sell to many anglers who prefer a wide range of different hook brands other than what we offer on our baits. Making hooks optional saves them money because they don’t have to pay for hooks they are only going to change out for their brand. The price of baits with hooks would be the regular price for that bait if the option to buy the bait without hooks wasn’t there. We strive to keep the price of our baits down as much as possible.

Q: Are these just cheap baits with a pretty paint job?

Answer: We at Skirmish Baits are serious about Bass fishing ourselves, and refuse to sell anything that we do not personally use and stand behind. We also have 2 FLW tour pros on staff who also help us with our product development and quality control efforts. Everything on our site is tried and tested, and even then we are always looking to improve our products so that we, and also you, get the best baits for your money.

Q: Where are the baits made?

Answer: Our lure bodies are made in China, but our painting and assembly all take place in the USA.

Q: I saw or bought a color but it's no longer on your site, is it discontinued?

Answer: Our site only shows the baits that are in stock, if something is out of stock that does not mean that it is discontinued. With our huge array of colors, you may not see a particular bait or color for a while even if it’s something that is not being discontinued. We have an email specifically for color and bait requests you can email with your requests. This is not a guarantee of the color or bait being produced again, but your request will be considered and we will reply with information about the status for you.

Q: Sometimes the baits sell out before I know you have restocked, how can I know when baits are released?

Answer: We communicate releases through our social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and you can find links to these on the main page of our website. We also have a newsletter that we not only let you know about bait releases, but also other information such as tips and videos, as well as exclusive offers. You can use the form on our main page near the bottom to sign up for the newsletter.

Q: I don't see the answer to my question, how can I contact you?