The last Choma Nights Team Tournament of the year brought the closest finish of the year. If you didn’t have 27+ lbs however, you didn’t have a shot! Barely edging out Mike Milson with an awesome solo effort of 27.49 lbs was the team of Wise/Watford with a 27.84 lbs to win their 3rd one in a row. Milson brought in the big fish of the tournament, and the year with an 8.30 lb beast! Thanks for a great year! We will be working on a schedule for next year soon as well as setting a date for one last pot tournament this year.

Skirmish Baits Pro Staff member Chad Wise and his partner do it again, on the final tournament of the Choma Nights Team Trail using the Skirmish Baits M9 squarebill and the Skirmish Baits MK48 topwater. Don’t mistake the M9 and the MK48 for only being daytime baits, they also work at night as these boys have been proving all season.

Congratulations Chad, keep up the fight!

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