A10A1 Crevice Critter – Specter PB&J Craw

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enter site The All New A10A1 Crevice Critter Crankbait is a classic shape of our original A10 with new features

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  • Improved internal chambers and ballast
  • increased size of wire used for hook hangers
  • New mold with improved lip design and smoother body
  • Slightly tighter wobble and enhanced erratic hunting action
  • New eye design to help you distinguish our baits from others similar in shape
  • Dual Rattles, one large lead one knocker and 3 smaller steel rattles for high and low-frequency sounds
  • Custom Painted color: Specter PB&J Craw

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  • 1 A10A1 Crevice Critter Crankbait
  • Rattling Version – One large lead one knocker and 3 small steel rattles for high and low-frequency sound
  • Dives to 8 to 10 feet depending on line size
  • Enhanced erratic hunting action
  • weighs 3/8 oz.
  • Body is 2 inches long – total length including diving bill is 3 inches long
  • Oval Line Tie
  • Hooks are optional, so you can put your favorite brand and size on this bait, or order with VMC #6 Round Bend Trebles
  • Skirmish Baits custom color pattern “Specter PB&J Craw”

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