Skirmish Baits offers a very wide variety of colors, so many in fact that we get a lot of people asking us which colors to buy for their area. While we don’t have intimate knowledge of every area in the country, we’d like to offer you a look at some of our top colors, and when they could be useful. What we’ll try to do here is focus on a few of our patterns, and discuss when or where we might use them. Hopefully some of the information will apply to you too, wherever you live.



Chartreuse Black Back

Even though this is not a new pattern, there is a reason that it has stood the test of time, to put it simply it just works. It excels in stained to muddy water throughout the year, but I’ve personally done very well on it even in clear water generally in the spring. Although it isn’t my first choice for clear water. This is probably the number one squarebill pattern for stained to dirty water throughout the country, and this isa must have for anyone who fishes a squarebill crankbait.

NaturalCrawNatural Craw

This is our most basic crawdad pattern, which in turn means it will match the hatch more often than some of the more elaborate craw patterns that we offer. In other words, if you don’t know what color your crawdads are right now, this is a good color to start with. It is a great general crawdad pattern for clear to stained water. Almost all over the country bass feed on crawdads so this is a must have pattern.


CopperGreenShad2Copper Green Shad

This is our version of a popular squarebill color, ours has a little different green background below the copper, and our copper is a little brighter than the original as well. It’s a really beautiful color in person, but the most important thing is how well the fish love this pattern. This is one of those patterns that I feel like i can throw in almost any body of water from large lakes to small streams and still catch fish.


2014-08-22 10.46.29Bloody Specter Minnow

This is one of our exclusive patterns, which I developed out of a need for something with a little color (red in this case) but to still be very subtle. The summer bite was getting very tough on a small lake that i fish, and I basically kept going more subtle and more subtle with my color patterns until I got to this one. Ironically I was fishing this bait in stained to muddy water at the end of summer, and they would still eat it when they wouldn’t eat more opaque colors that generally work in those situations. I highly recommend this color for clear water especially. This is a subtle color that the fish have never seen, and that’s how they react. I caught several fish in the 5+ lb range on this pattern already, and can’t wait to use it more.


BateyShadPurpleGreen2Batey Shad

This is my favorite shad pattern, in either the purple/green back, or standard (blue back) or the green back version. I personally think all of the back colors are equal, but a lot of our customers prefer one over the other. This is Bait Werks #1 color pattern of all time. It catches fish anywhere there are shad, and I’ve done well on it even in places with no shad. You can’t go wrong with this pattern, if you’re only going to buy one of our baits this would be my suggestion.

 Here are some of the fish I caught this year on the Skirmish Baits M9 Squarebill